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SURE CRAWLERS is an online portal that enables Kenyans to order and pay for Cyber services Currently such as (KRA SERVICES (Individual KRA PIN Registration, Turnover Tax Registration, Presumptive Tax Payment Registration and KRA Turnover Tax Returns Filing, KRA Nil Returns Filing and KRA Employment Returns Filing) Sure Crawlers is here to help you do your KRA Services faster and convenietly at a reasonable cost and while at home.
Fill out our Kra Services Form to order for your KRA Services today and be a head of the schedule.

SURE CRAWLERS process all your KRA Services orders as quickly as you place it on our system. We are here to help you achieve your online work with easy. Sure Crawlers strive to ensure that we help you; our customers in Kenya (at all the 47 Counties) get your KRA iTax Services done online with ease and convenience. Sure Crawlers aims at making it easy, convenient and affordable in getting the your KRA services online today in Kenya and the 47 Counties at large. If you have issues with your online KRA Services, here at Sure Crawlers have got you at the right rank and we are here to help right away.


Our goal here at SURE CRAWLERS is to make sure Kenyans have an easy go with their online services. Sure Crawlers CURRENTLY is offering an affordable pay KRA Services that its customers can order for that service and be done right aware. We are working to increase our services at least to cover Service areas such as TIMS (NTSA) Services, TSC (Teachers Service Commission) Services and HELB (Higher Educations Loans Board) Services.

Sure Crawlers offers Tutorials/Guides on the services so that you can read and handle your online application by following on the directions that we deliver on those guides/Tutorials. To all our users that do not understand how to go on those applications, that is KRA Services we have developed our Pay for the service to help them order and pay for their Online Services to be handled. By filing our Customer Service Form and specify your Service we will handle it at a considerably fee.

    Tutorials Area Coverage

  • KRA Services
  • TIMS- NTSA Services
  • HELB Services
  • TSC Services