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Tsc Number Registration Portal

What is TSC Number?

A TSC (Teacher Service Commission) Number is a Unique Identification (ID) Number that an Individual get upon successifully recruitment by the TSC (Teachers Service Commission) This Number allows the teacher to be posted in all Government schools in Kenya for he/she qualifies to teach on the category that his/her Number specifies.

TSC (Teachers Service Commission) have migrated its TSC Number Application process from the PAPER WORK to the NEW Online Process. It requires all Citizen wishing to apply TSC Number to Log in to their TSC online Portal and apply.

TSC Number Registration Requirements

  1. Copies of Academic Certificates (MUST be Certified copies, Stamped) and Proffessional Certificates
  2. Good Conduct
  3. National ID
  4. GP69 Form (Medical Form)
  5. Personal Identification Number (KRA PIN)
  6. Passport Size Photo
  7. Bank Payment Slip
  8. National ID

How much does it cost for TSC Number Registration?

TSC (Teacher Service Commission), For New Registration; a non refundable fee of Kshs. 1055/- deposited to the TSC Registration Account National Bank of Kenya to A/C No. 01001000905001 or Simple Banking using Pay Bill Business Number 625625 is required for your TSC Number Registration. Ensure you have Bank Deposit Slip before proceeding with the application.

If you recently did you TSC Number Registration and looking for ways to check your TSC Number Registration Status, then jump to our guide on
How to Chect your TSC Number Registration Status

Now that you have all the the documents required for the TSC Number Application, lets starts for our step by step guide for your TSC Number application.

Step by Step Guide to apply TSC Number

1. VISIT TSC Number Registration Portal

Direct you browser to the link above or click on the Tsc number registration portal above. You should see the homepage of the TSC Portal as shown on our figure below. tsc number application registration, tsc homepage How to apply TSC number (figure 1)

2. CLICK on the Registration Tab
There are two options as Underlined on the figure 1 above for clarification. If you are registering as a Kenyan Citizen you should click on the New Teacher Registration - Citizen and for Non Citizen you should click on the Teacher Registration - Non Citizen. how to apply for tsc number 2020 TSC number registration (figure 2)

Fill in your Id/Passport Number and your First Name in the box provided and then Press Next.

Provide your Personal Details in the textboxes provided, keep in mind that you should provide true information as required by the TSC Portal. tsc number application process Tsc number application process (figure 3)

For the Non Citizen, you will be directed to this page directly after clicking on the Registration tab.
Provide your personal details for the TSC Registration seconde page.

- ID
- Surname
- Phone No.
- KRA Pin
- Category (either primary ECDE or Post Primary
- Your mean grade (KCSE/KCE/KACE/...)
- Year of sitting for the exam.

Double check you information for clarification, TSC (Teacher Service Commission) will not Process your TSC Number application when the information you provided mismatch with your correct data in their database. Press Next button when done.

You are required to upload your Academic Certificates , TSC requires a Maximum of 4 or a Minimum of 3 documents to be Uploaded into the system. application for tsc number - upload certificates TSC Number application (figure 4)

Select your Institution Type (Primary/Secondary/Tertiary), Name of Institution, Specialization, Certificate Number and Certificate Year. Choose your scanned copy of the Certificate and upload it, Press save documents. Repeat the process for the 4 or 3 Certificates required, when done press the next button.

Prepare scanned copy of the professional Certificates and upload them one by one while writing them the names for each file. Do not get confused, These include:-

- KRA Pin
- Good Conduct
- University Transcript
- National Id
- GP69 form (medical examination form signed)
- and passport size photo
- Bank Slip

Upload those documents by selecting them on the Select button, Choose file to upload and save, repeat the process till the last document. Press on SUBMIT. Done, you will be notified on your phone via direct SMS for your successiful submission of your TSC Number Application.

How long does TSC number take?

TSC(Teachers Service Commission) Normally takes 30 days processing your request. You will receive a certificate of registration containing your TSC Number within 30 days.

They can also get in tourch with you in case there is something missing or maybe your documents are blur and are not showing properly.
If that happens, you will need to Upload a clear copy of the Certificate or whichever document assigned for reapload. You will then submit it again.

How to Check TSC Registration Status?

If you already applied for your TSC number and wondering how to track the progress of your TSC Number. Below is a simple guide on how to check your TSC Registration Status

TSC number registration status TSC Number Registration Status (figure 5)

Click on the link above labelled Registration Status

Enter your ID/PASSPORT Number on the textbox provided and press on the GO button.
You will be directed to another page where you will be required to enter your ID/PASSPORT Number once more.  tsc status TSC Number Status Checker (figure 6)

This may seem unprofessional; TSC(Teachers Service Commission) have updated their system but there still some pages that are outdated, so if you entered your id on the first outdated webpage, you will need to enter it again on their up to date working page.

After providing your details on the TSC status checker page, you will be provided with the progress of your application, either Ready, Incomplete, or On Progress.

Things that will deny you TSC Number

i. You lack the required Academic Qualifications
ii. You have criminal records.
iii. You did not follow all the requirements.

If you still have problems applying TSC Number or checking your TSC registration status Mail us at and we will get to you as soon as possible or Leave your Comment below describing you problem or any feedback. Thank you!.

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