How to file kra returns using p9 form


How to file kra returns using p9 form How to file kra p9 returns - Kenya

The Government of Kenya Requires every individual to File KRA returns using p9 form before June of every year. This include the employed people that have their p9 form containing the Total Emoluments for that year.

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Step by Step on how to file Kra Returns using p9 form in ITAX, Kenya

  1. LOG IN TO ITAX KRA Portal
  2. On the Returns Tab, clink on the File return link on the dropdown menu.
  3. Download the Resident Individual Excel form.
  4. Fill in your details using the p9 form provided by your company you work for.
  5. Upload you Excel form to ITAX, KRA.
  6. Submit your Form and print your Return Receipt.

What is a P9 Form?

A P9 is a Form issued to Employees by Employers/Organizations containing total Salary received in a year. It normaly has different format depending with the Organization structuring, but both includes, basic salary, allowances and benefits, gross salary, pension contribution, PAYE charged and personal relief entitlement.

Before we Start our Process of filing KRA returns using the p9 form, Make sure you have your p9 form and your KRA Pin Details.

If you have not downloaded your p9 form; Go to Public Services payslips for Government employed people. Provide Your Payroll Number and Password, go to p9 forms on the left and Print your p9 form.

For TSC(Teachers Service Commission) Teachers, Go to TSC Payslips portal provide your TSC Number and your password, click on the p9 form and print your p9 form.

If you are not employed by the Government, and not sure where to get your p9 form, ask your Organization where you work to prepare for you your Tax card and start to file KRA returns.

If you still have nothing to declare, in other words not employed or no business you own, you have no income to declare for the returns; you can go ahead and file you nil returns,
Follow this guide to file your KRA Nil Returns:

Now that you have everything needed to file KRA returns, Lets dive in to details for our 6 steps guide.

A Comprehensive Step by Step Guide to File KRA Returns using p9 form, employed people.

Provide your Kra Pin Number and password, answer the security stamp and press on login. How to file kra returns using p9 - user guide How to file KRA returns using p9 form

Hover on the Menu bar above and Press on the returns Tab, click on the File returns link on the drop down menu. How to file kra returns using p9 form online How to file KRA returns using p9

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On the top, Itax present you with a two form option, the EXCEL file and the ODS file. Click on the first link to download the Excel file and start filing kra returns using your income details. How to file kra returns using p9 form - ITAX KRA File kra returns using p9 -ITAX Kenya

Enable micros and editing. On successifully enabling micros, you should be able to start Fill your kra returns income details. We will use a sample of a P9-FORM, this form is provided for the guidance. The p9-form is as below. p9 form sample How to File KRA P9 returns - Tutorial

Every Kra Income Card details for the whole year is identical as the one presentated above, the design may differ but the income details will be the same, the only important thing to mark are as follows on every p9 form/KRA card details for every Organization.

The following represent our p9 form details.
  1. Gross Pay/Gross Salary: 6,757,732
  2. PAYE Auto/Tax Deducted: 93,276
  3. MPR Value/Relief: 16,896
  4. Pension Contribution: 71,064

Section 1. Return information. Fill in your Kra Pin Number Select Original for the return type, fill in the return perion from, for the year 2020, we file 2019 returns, so the return period from, will be (01/01/2019) and the return period to, will be (31/12/2019), Leave all the other fields empty. How to file kra returns using p9 File KRA returns using p9 form - guide

When done; Scroll down and press on the Next Button.

Section F. Employment Income. Provide the Pin of the Employer, Name of the employer, your Gross pay and put (0.0) to the other fields (net value, pension, etc). The Excel file will do the math do not worry. how to file kra returns, p9 form Filing KRA p9 form returns

Press next when done.

Section M. Details of PAYE Deductions. Again fill in Pin of the Employer, name of the employer, Your Taxable salary/Gross pay, Tax Payable/tax deducted or paye, amount of tax deducted, same as tax payable. How to file kra returns using p9 form - ITAX KRA returns using p9 form - ITAX

Press the Next button when done.

Section Q. Details of Income Tax Payed in Advance. Leave it blank. How to file kra returns using p9 form - online File KRA p9 form returns 2020

Scroll down and press on the Next button.

Section T. Tax Computation. Now that we have put everything in our form. The remaining thing is our Relief and Pension. Input your Relief and Pansion in the field left blank. How to file kra returns using p9 form - Employed People How to file P9 form KRA returns - online

When done, scroll down to the last collumn for the Tax due and Refund due. When you got a positive value, it means you owe kra, when the value is nagative, you qualify for a refund from the KRA. For any Value notice rather than (0.0), you need to provide you Payment details. Fill in your bank details, or mpesa details. How to file kra returns using p9 form - KRA how to file p9 kra returns How to file kra returns Using p9 form

Validate your Excel form. After Filling your Payment detals, go back to the last page and Press on Validate button on your Excel sheet. how to file kra returns using p9 form -KRA ITAX File KRA p9 returns - ITAX, Kenya

Wait till' a popup shows, "Your excel sheet is ready to be uploaded". Press on yes! and mark the path that the excel file will be saving your file. We will need to upload your file in the system to complete KRA returns. how to file kra returns using p9 How to file KRA p9 form returns online

Upload The Excel form Its a zipped file, Now return to the Kra Portal and upload your sheet. CLick on the choose file Button and select your zipped file and upload it. how to file kra p9 form returns How to File KRA returns using p9 - KRA ITAX

Press on the Submit button and download your Kra Return Receipt.

If you still have problems Filing you KRA Returns using your P9 form, Mail us at and we will get to you as soon as possible or Leave your Comment below describing you problem or any feedback. Thank you!.

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