Kra Nil Returns 2020 - Quick Guide

How to file kra nil returns
KRA Nil Returns 2020

KRA NIL RETURNS is filed to show the income TAX Department that you fall below the range of Taxable Income and that you did not qualify to pay taxes for that year thus Filing Nil Returns.

Step by Step on How to file KRA Nil Returns 2020 - ITAX

  1. Visit ITAX at .
  2. Enter your Kra Pin and Password.
  3. Answer the security Stamp and press Login below.
  4. Hover your cursor to the Returns Tab on the Top navigation Menu
  5. Click Nil Returns link on the second last dropdown link.
  6. Select Income Tax Resident Individual.
  7. Select your Return Period From and To .
  8. Select Submit Button
  9. Press OK on the popup
  10. Download your Kra Returns Receipt and print.

Do you have problems filing your Income Tax Returns? Fill out our Customer Service Form and we will file your KRA Returns for you.


Of course you can file KRA nil returns on Itax from the comfort of your home without visiting any Cyber.

YES, it is called Nil returns for those who are not employed nor own a single business.

Kra introduced a fine on 2013 that if you fail to file kra returns, they slap you with a fine of Ksh. 20,000 .

This fine implies to both the employed ones and those who are not employed

KRA NIL RETURNS Implies that you have nothing to declare at the moment, thus a ZERO RETURN/NIL RETURN


Kra Pin, your Login Details, computer (Laptop) and internet connection, of course you can not do it on laptop. You can file KRA nil returns using your mobile phone too.


  1. STEP 1
  2. Visit Kra Portal:
    kra nil returns Kra nil returns 2020

  3. STEP 2
  4. Enter your Kra Pin Number on the Text Box described by the information on the left side as : " Enter Pin/User ID

  5. STEP 3
  6. Press the Continue button below.

    file kra nil returns, 2020 Kra nil returns 2020

  7. STEP 4
  8. Now Enter your Password,
    of course Kra sent you a password and the kra copy to your email address at the time you registered your pin

    ITAX - kra nil returns KRA nil returns 2020 - ITAX

    // Login to your email address and search "Kra pin", click on the email address with the title Acknowledgement of Pin Registration
    You will get your password and proceed for your kra nil returns procedure.//

  9. STEP 5
  10. After entering your password and answering the security stamp, Press on the Login button

  11. STEP 6
  12. After successifully loging in, you will be directed to your dashboard or a welcoming popup box instructing you to update your employment details if you have not yet updated yours.
    If not you will be at the home page presenting your dashboard with alot of services including filing KRA nil returns

    KRA nil file returns - Login how to file Kra nil returns 2020

    Ranging from:

    - Clearence Certificate
    - FIling returns (employed people)
    - Filing KRA nil returns
    - Viewing your ladger report
    - Viewing your taxpayer Profile and many more services

    - Waiver services
    - Pin Checker
    - Reporting a Problem

  13. STEP 7
  14. Hover your Cursor on the Navigation bar at the Returns link and click on the link at the bottom, second last link titled; FILE NIL RETURNS
    Kra Nil Retuns filing ITAX - KRA nil returns 2020

  15. STEP 8
  16. Select tax obligation on the select button on the bottom as Income Tax Resident Individual and press NEXT

    kra nil returns portal Filing - KRA nil returns 2020

  17. STEP 9
  18. After pressing Next, Kra will display your return period automatically if its not your first time filing KRA nil Returns.

    If the Return Period from is empty, Enter the start date of the year, e.g, For 2020 returns, Return Period from will be: 01/01/2019

     how to file kra nil returns on ITAX how to file KRA nil returns 2020 - ITAX

    The Return Period to will be displayed automatically after entering the Return period From.

    After you are done choosing the right date. Press Submit Button and press ok on the popup.

    filing KRA nil returns- User Portal KRA nil returns 2020 - Unemployed people

  19. STEP 10 FINAL
  20. DONE
    Download/print your KRA nil Return Receipt

    kra returns itax - filing procedure ITAX Kenya - KRA nil returns 2020

    If you still having problems filing your KRA nil Returns:
    Email us at or leave a comment below describing your problem and we will help you accordingly.

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