Registration for NTSA TIMS Account for (Individual, Dealer, Agent, Financial Institution, Company or Driving School

ntsa tims account registration, tims logo How to open NTSA TIMS Account - Guide

TIMS (Transport Integrated Management System) is an online platform created to enable Citizens to access NTSA (National Transport & Safety Authority) services conveniently. All government services offered by NTSA have now been migrated to this platform.

Step by Step guide on how to register for your NTSA TIMS account, KENYA

  1. Visit
  2. Hover to the top list Navigation Menu
  3. Click on Register an Account
  4. For Individuals, Key in your ID Serial Number, Check on the Alien if you are registering your NTSA TIMS account as an Alien in Kenya.
  5. NOTE: You can register your NTSA TIMS Account as a DEALER, AGENT, FINANCIAL INSTITUTION, COMPANY OR DRIVING SCHOOL by following on the top links provided above and select your desired services for your TIMS Account Registration

    TIMS account registration (NTSA)

    For INDIVIDUAL TIMS Account Registration; proceed to the Next

  6. Enter your ID Serial Number and Verify.
  7. If the System prompts you, and notify you that your ID Serial Number is not found you may consider going to NTSA Office for futher checkup of your ID (Identification Card)

    tims account registration

    TIMS Account Registration

    Upon Visiting NTSA Office and they successiful they add your ID details to their system, you will now be told to proceed with your TIMS Account Registration

  8. Enter your mother's maiden name.
  9. Provide your mother's maiden name, this is the name of your mother. If the system notify you that the mother's maiden name does not match Confirm your mother's name on her ID Card, if all the names are are not accepted on the system, visit nearest HUDUMA CENTER or NSTA OFFICE for further confirmation of you mother's names

    On successiful providing your mother's maiden name, proceed to the next step for your NTSA TIMS account registration.

  10. Enter your Profession
  11. Provide your profession/your work designation such as Driver, Clerk etc.

  12. Enter your Phone Number and Varify it.
  13. Upon entering your phone number, you will be required to verify it, a message or a popup will be sent to your phone requesting you to accept NTSA services to send you verification codes or any updates that NTSA will be sending to its users. Accept by replying with 1 for YES or Reply by the digit they send you via message.

    TIMS Account Opening (NTSA)

    An Authorization code will be sent to your mobile upon successiful subscription to the NTSA services as send to your mobile.

  14. Provide your personal details
  15. Provides correct personal details, including your county, residential address and box numbers.

  • Enter your Email Address and Verify the code send to your phone
  • Press submit and you are all done. A password will be sent to your Email Address and via direct sms too.

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    If you can reach the last step, CONGRATULATIONS! Your NTSA TIMS Account is Successiful registered.

    Having NTSA TIMS account enables you to access various services such as:-

    I. Application for the new SMART DL
    II. Vehicle Registration
    III. Application Transfer of Vehicle Ownership
    IV. Application Change of Vehicle Particulars on Logbook
    V. Acceptance of Vehicle ownership
    VI. Application for Duplicate Driving License
    VII. Application of Annual Vehicle Inspections

    How to Open Tims Account (NTSA)
    TIMS Account Registration for individual
    TIMS Account Opening (NTSA) for Aliens
    TIMS Account Registration for DEALERS

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