You Forgot KRA Pin or email address you used on ITAX? Here are some easy steps to Retrieve it

how to recover your kra email address, steps How to Recover Kra Pin Email address

Sometimes it's normal to forget things. Have you wondered how you can retrieve your kra pin email that you used on Itax! Here are some tips to know your email address that you used during Kra pin registration on ITAX.

If you are looking for tips to recover your KRA pin itself, head over to our guide.
How to recover KRA pin

Follow our one step by step guide to recover/retrieve you KRA pin email address that you previously used.

Before we dive in into details on how to recover KRA pin email address guide; make sure you know your Kra Pin Number , this process will be fruitfull if you know your kra pin number.

Direct your browser to ITAX as show above. This will direct you to the home page of Kra web Portal. Here you will be welcomed with alot of services that you can do while on the ITAX system including but not limited to,

- New pin Registration
- Loging In to Itax
- Kra Pin Checker
- WHT Checker
- TCC Exemption Checker
- Reporting Problem

2.Click on the Report Problem Button
This feature is provided by the KRA Sevices for the purpose of reporting problems that you may encounter while on the system either Filing Returns , making payments or any other services provide by kra to its Citizens. Here, we are only interested to recover Kra pin email address.

how to recover kra pin Guide on how to recover KRA pin email address

3. Fill in you kra pin number
On the Reporting page, you will be provided a form to fill in your details and a textarea box to compose your problem. Start by selecting the department, choose Domestic Taxes Department and Proceed to the Pin box and enter your KRA Pin Number.
how to retrieve kra email address on itax - reporting tab form Recover your KRA pin email address - Easy steps

After providing your Kra pin Number, Click anywhere outside of the box you just entered you pin, This should populates your details including your Email Address. recover kra pin number - ITAX Forgot KRA pin email Address - ITAX-KRA

Boom! We now know our email address that we used before while registering our pin on the KRA ITAX system. You may have known your email addres that you used before but right now maybe you no longer have access to this email.

Do you have problems filing your Income Tax Returns? Fill out our Customer Service Form and we will file your KRA Returns for you.

If so, you will need to notify KRA through their email address or call them through their 24/7 support Number: 020-4999999 and request for a Change of Email Address


The best way to recover your KRA pin Number is to visit the nearest KRA Office, present your Original ID , your Current Email address. The KRA Officer will retrieve your KRA Pin and print it out for you or visit any cyber for printing.

The Other option is to contact them via their social media handles especially Twitter and request them to retrieve you pin, Send your scanned copy of ID to , wait for 2 hours and a representative will reach out for you for any further details they may require for retrieval of your pin.

If you remember the email address you used during registration of your pin, then its very easy to Recover you KRA pin. Login to your email address; at the top there is a search box on your email app either Gmail, Yahoo, etc they all have that search feature.
Search Kra pin and you will see that the First email that KRA -ITAX sent you was your Pin Details and your KRA pin Soft copy. Download and print it.

If it happens that you deleted all those emails from KRA, then the first option will be put on use.

Still having difficulties Recovering/retrieving you Kra pin or Kra pin email address? Mail us at and we will get to you as soon as possible or Leave your Comment below describing you problem or any feedback. Thank you!.

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