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We are here to make your work easier by providing you with a list of comprehensive Cyber Guides that leave nothing but pure step by step to the end. What are the services that you want to do? You can also order for the services, our specialist will get in tourch with you. Just drop us a mail.

How to get HELB Compliance Certificate helb clearence certificate application

How does it feels when you are denied a job because you lack HELB Compliance Certificate? Here we present you some tips to get you HELB Clearence Certificate easy and fast.

How to apply for a HELB Loan Online application for a helb loan online

If you are a TVET of a Versity Student and wondering how to get a loan to boost your school fees hustle. Apply for a helb loan today.

How to Apply for TSC Number, Requirements and guide tsc number registration process

Tsc Number application process,easy steps for your registration. Here is our simple guide to apply for your TSC Number...

Eacc clearence form eacc clearence form download

Get your Eacc clearence form, fill it out and submit it to the nearest Eacc Office at your County level. Eacc Stands for...

How to Apply for Indian Visa Online

Step By Step Guide on how to Apply for an India Visa Online
Wondering how to apply for an Indian Visa Online? Here you go. Cyber Guide...


We Offer KRA (Kenya Revenue Authority) Services. These services include, KRA pin application, KRA Returns, KRA Details ammendment to just name a few. You can also order for the service.

How to File Kra Nil Returns 2020

If you had the chance to get a Kra pin, and upto now you have not secured a job so that your Kra pin can be added to the system as an employed person, then you have to file Nil returns before ...

KRA Pin Application -ITAX KRA pin application

In this guide we will walk you through our 5 minutes guide/procedures on how to apply KRA Pin Certificate the easy way, and provide you with an in-depth knowlege of the benefis of ...

How to File Kra Returns using p9 form How to file kra returns

A Comprehensive Step by Step Guide to File Kra Returns using p9 form, employed people. Login to KRA Portal, provide your Pin Number...

How to Recover Your Kra Email Address on ITAX recover your forgotten email address on kra -itax

Wondering which email you used on Kra - Itax, here is a step by step guide to retrieve your forgotten email address.

What is KRA P9 Form? p9 form sample

A P9 Form, is a Form issued to Employees by Employers/Organizations containing total Salary received in a year. It includes Basic Salary ...

MPR Value in P9 form p9 form sample

MPR Value on KRA ; Know more about MPR (Monthly Personal Relief) on KRA deductions card/ p9 form...

KRA Compliance Certificate Application Tax compliance Certificate

Tax Compliance Certificate Application, step by step guide to apply for your compliance Certificate with easy and from home.

How to Apply for KRA Penalty Waiver? apply for kra tax waiver

KRA Penalty waiver is a Taxpayer's request to the KRA (Kenya Revenue Authority), to waive some of the penalties accrued from ...

How to check Employer KRA pin on Itax apply for kra tax waiver

Are you stuck and wondering how to get your employer's KRA pin number? Here is simple guide on how to check it the easy way. Visit ...

NTSA TIMS Services

Wondering how to Renew your DL (Driving License)?, Apply for TIMS Account?, Apply for Vehicle inspection?. Here at Sure Crawlers Guide provide you with one step and straight forward tips to do those services. You can also Order for any NTSA TIMS Service. Just drop us a mail.

How to register for NTSA TIMS Account how to register for tims account

Having TIMS account enables you to access NTSA Services such as, Application for the new SMART DRIVING LICENCE ...

Application for smart DL- Easy guide smart driving license application, Kenya

NTSA rolled out a Smart card on April 2018 that contain all the details pertaining the Drivers' license that now it replaces the old driving license...

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