KRA P9 Form; is a Form issued to Employees by Employers/Organizations containing total Salary received in a year. KRA P9 Form normaly has different format depending with the Organization structuring, but both includes, basic salary, allowances and benefits, gross salary, pension contribution, PAYE/TAX charged and personal relief entitlement.

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KRA P9 FORM (Mombasa County)

Below is a Sample of P9 Form
p9 form sample KRA P9 Form

The above P9 form sample belongs to a member/employee of the Public Service Board Mombasa County, Kenya. It includes all the details that are essential for one to file his/her returns without complications.

How to Download KRA P9 Form (Public Servants)
How to Download KRA P9 Form (TSC)


KRA P9 Form is used for the purpose of filing KRA(Kenya Revenue Authority) Online Returns by Individuals & Companies. Normally, the income taxed is derived from Business, Employment, Pensioners, Rent, Dividends and among others.
The Returns are usually filed at the end of every year before June.

How to file returns using p9 form

KRA P9 Form Details
The above P9 Form Sample includes the following Details
1. Gross Pay/Gross Salary: 6,757,732
2. PAYE Auto/Tax Deducted: 93,276
3. MPR Value/Relief: 16,896
4. Pension Contribution: 71,064

HOW TO DOWNLOAD KRA P9 FORM (County Public Servents)

This p9 form include for those working at the country public service board (Police & County Public Servants)
  1. Login to the Public services Portal or GHRIS portal Public Service Portal
  2. Fill in your Payroll Number and password to login.
    p9 form - public servants login portal KRA P9 form (County Servants)
  3. Click on the P9 Forms Tab on the left.

  4. p9 form download portal KRA P9 form download - portal
    Upon sucessiful login to your account, click on the p9 forms tab on the left.
  5. Print your p9 form
  6. Upon selection of the p9 form link tab, your current p9 form (2019) will be displayed, on the bottom there is a print button, click on it and print your p9 form.

KRA P9 FORM (Teachers Service Commission - TSC)

TSC p9 form sample TSC P9 Form Sample

The above p9 form sample for TSC (Teachers Service Commission) is identical to that of County Public Servents. Every p9 form has its own value depending on that employee payment. The representaions and abriviations used remain the same in all p9 forms.

Here are the values represented by the p9 form for the TSC employee.
3. PAY AUTO/TAX DEDUCTED - 44,888.35
4. MPR VALUE/RELIEF - 16,896.00

If you handle p9 form regularly, you will notice that some have pension and some do not, some have relief and some do not. It is not a must that you should see your relief value or pension contribution if you have not enrolled for the same. The value will be indicated as 00.00 meaning no relief or pension respectively.

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  1. Login to TSC Payslip Portal
  2. Fill in your TSC(Teachers Service Commission) Number and the password. tsc p9 form download - login form TSC KRA P9 Form download
  3. Click on the link labelled p9s
  4. Upon successifully login on the TSC payslip portal, click on the p9s, (p9 form) below the View Payslips Tab. Your P9 form for the latest year will be displayed; e.g For the year 2020 your 2019 P9 form will be displayed on the portal. tsc p9 form download TSC KRA P9 Form download
    If you cannot see your p9 form on the TSC Portal make sure you contact TSC for further checkup.
  5. Print your KRA P9 Form

  6. Below your p9 form there is a Printing Button, click on it and print your p9 form and head over to your nearest KRA Office and file your returns.

    tsc p9 form printing TSC P9 Form printing
    If you have successiful downloaded your P9 form, Now follow our guide on How to file kra returns using p9 form and file your KRA returns at the comfort of your home.

Do you have problems regarding your KRA P9 form or KRA Tax Returns, Mail us at and we will get to you as soon as possible or Leave your Comment below describing you problem or any feedback. Thank you!.

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