MPR Value

MPR Value (MONTHLY PERSONAL RELIEF) is the Net amount that is deducted from the overall Total of PAYE on employees' Monthly income. Any Individual with a taxable income is eligible to MPR (Personal Monthly Relief) of Ksh. 16,896.00 per annum; which is a total value of ksh.1,408.00 monthly.
MPR Value on p9 form MPR Value On p9 form

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A lot of people are asking about MPR Value , this has come to an effect due to the approaching deadline for them to file their KRA returns.

If you are one of those people wondering what MPR value on p9 form means?; then you have come to the right place. As defined above; the MPR Value stands for Monthly Personal Relief and is given to any individual/resident by KRA who have a monthly income.


MPR value is used while filing your Tax Returns on the KRA Itax System, and it is deducted from your Total PAYE (Pay As You Earn)/Tax Value relieving you some of the Tax to be deducted; that is why it is called a Monthly Personal Relief (MPR).

Now that you know what it means by MPR Value on p9 form, it is time to file your KRA returns, and by following our guide on How to File KRA Returns using p9 form , conveniently and at home, or fill out our Customer Services Form and we will do it for you at a considerable fee.

Below is a sample of a p9 form from the KRA (Kenya Revenue authority) representing MPR Value as Personal Releif. These terms are used interchangeable and if you see any of them on your p9 form or tax deduction card then you should be read to go. If its MPR Value then you equate it as your personal monthly releif.

MPR Value on kra MPR Value/Personal relief


MPR Value which is Monthly Personal Relief is added at Section T: Tax Computation on the income tax resident individual form and it is found on line 16 indicated as Personal Relief.

tax returns filing MPR Value (Tax returns)

Any Resident with a monthly income is entitle to a Monthly Personal relief of Ksh. 1,408.00 monthly. On 2017, the MPR Values for employees was set to Ksh. 1,280 by KRA (Kenya Revenue Authority) amounting to Ksh. 15,360 per annum, which is now Ksh. 16,896.00 as for the year 2020.

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